Buy Philips Bipap Machine Online in Lucknow at low Price

Before we know where to buy bipap machine online in Lucknow we must know something about this medical equipment as discussed below:

Bipap machine and its significance?

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure machines are medical equipment that are utilized for the treatment of sleep related disorder i.e. Sleep Apnea. They are also called VPAP or Variable Positive Airway Pressure machines. The main task of this equipment is to constrain air through the patients' noses and to control the Pressure when they breathe out. This guarantees a required balance is kept up. The air constrained down a patient's airways is pressurized to stop throat tissues from crumpling.

The Equipment is very similar to CPAP machine also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, in spite of the fact that they have some basic differences that make them a good alternative to certain patients.

CPAP, BIPAP Machine is very helpful to those having sleep disorder

Among different sleep disorders, sleep apnea is the most common one and this medical equipment is very helpful in treating sleep apnea disorder. Bipap works by means of little air pump that is affixed over the mouth of an individual through a mask, the machine screens the breath and directs the type of pressure that is required by a person for breathing in and breathing out air. Most machines these days accompany a humidifier which assists with keeping the skin around the nostrils soggy.

Sleep apnea BiPAP machines normally accompany three kind of mask triangular mask, oral mask and nasal mask. The nasal veil is helpful for individuals who have sleeping issue . They are helpful to utilize and is compact as well. The oral veils are for individuals who lay down with their mouth open this humidifier cover keeps the mouth from drying. triangular mask which effectively fits according to the shape of the face. A BiPAP machine is commonly fitted by a specialist who figures out what sort of pressure is needed to help the individual breath normally and ordinarily during the night. In the event that an individual who has issue with the mask can quit utilizing it for a couple of days, with the prescription of doctor.

Where to Buy philips Bipap machine Online in Lucknow?

If you are looking to buy bipap machine online in lucknow at low price there are number of options. There are several online stores where you could buy bipap machine, but the best option is to pick the equipment from some authorised store. For reliability and durability of the equipment it is very important to purchase it from some authorised store i.e SSB Medicare Pvt Ltd.
SSB Medicare Pvt ltd is an authorised dealer of Philips medical equipment in lucknow, at SSB Medicare pvt ltd you can buy Philips bipap machine online in lucknow at low price. SSB Medicare Pvt ltd is a place where you can get top class equipment with genuine warranty/guarantee at very low price. Its trained engineers and technicians will help you in installing your equipment at your place. Also, they guide you to operate it in a proper manner in order to give effective result. Purchasing a product from top class brand allows you to get top class and genuine product with good after sale service.

Wide Range of Bipap Machine Models Available at SSB Medicare

SSB Medicare deals in wide array of Bipap machine along with all its accessories, different types of models are discussed below:


Bipap Pro Biflex

  • Slim performance tubing, performance tubing and tubing
  • Compatible with all BIPAP and CPAP masks
  • Sound level less than 30 DB
  • Leak automatic
  • Auto On/Off

Bipap Auto

  • Natural breathing experience
  • Display of information on device
  • SD card and Modem supported
  • Advanced event detection
  • Opti start technology

Bipap st

  • Comfort Sleep
  • Protect against spillage
  • Simple to use and Light weight
  • Work efficiently with different sleep apnea equipment

Bipap Avaps

  • Light weight
  • Comfort sleep
  • Humidity control
  • Protect against spillage

Dreamstation Pro

  • Easily view LCD Screen
  • Cellular and Wifi technology
  • Less than 30 db noise

Dreamstation Auto

  • Advanced features with Data tracking
  • Biflex pressure relief
  • Auto adjusting
Dreamstation ST

Dreamstation ST

  • Comfort sleep
  • Protect against spillage
  • Easy to use and light weight

Dreamstation Avaps

  • Efficacy, compliance and patient usage
  • Helps to stay connected with daily data
Dreamstation Avaps
Dreamstation avaps AE

Dreamstation avaps AE

  • Efficacy, compliance and patient usage
  • Minimize applied pressure support

Dreamstation Auto SV

  • Helps to get restful sleep
  • Deliver optimal ventilation with less intervention
  • Works on periodic breathing, complex sleep and sleep apnea
Bipap A30

Bipap A30

  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • Colour, friendly and intuitive user interface

Bipap A40

  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Ventilation data and view oximetry on one screen
Bipap A40

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